My Journey So Far

Before getting into any serious topics on career, I think it is a good idea to share with you some highlights of my journey so far. It may help understand where some of my viewpoints come from and how valid these perspectives are.


I spent around 14 years in Asia during my childhood. Other than the language I speak, I don’t really have much attachment. The education system is too strict for me, the environment too polluted, and the life too busy. In a good year, Dad would have around ten days off inclusive of virtually non-existent weekends.


At the age of 14, I went to America to attend high school. Mom and Dad had to work to pay school fees, so I spent the entire high school years there by myself. It was an incredible experience; I got to live a life that many wouldn’t even consider until early 20s. During the years, I had made mistakes, got into trouble and managed to pass all the classes. In the end, I somehow found my way to Australia.


I attended a reasonable university in Australia majoring in human resource management. At the end of my study, job hunting created lots of trouble. In fact, it went so bad that I had to study again just to keep myself in the market. Having changed jobs across different industries and fields, I say graduate job hunting is definitely soul-draining.


I now work in one of the largest organisation in Australia overseeing workforce capability planning and development. Prior to this, I have worked in public and private sector organisations, contributing to areas such as recruitment and workplace relations. As the entirety of my experience sits within the HR space, my reflection and opinions on career will inevitably carry HR lenses, something you may or may not agree to.


Bye for now.




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